The Corner Boys were established as a group in the spring of 2000.
They play acoustic folk rock from Ireland, Scotland and the
extended celtic community (Brittany, Nova scotia, US etc.)

The group consists of:
Jim Yardly (vocals,guitar, mandolin & tin whistle )
Ronnie Gerrard (vocals, fiddle & cittern )
Asbjørn Olsen (double Bass )
Hans Krogh (drums )

Jim & Ronnie have an almost intuitave musical communication on stage
which is perhaps not that surprising since they have worked together
for more than a generation and played this music independently from
each other since they were "pure innocent young boys"!!!
Not yesterday in other words.

Asbjørn and Hans have no problem in convincing us that they also have
a youth wasted on wine, women and folk rock behind them.

The lads have played in clubs & festivals throughout Europe & USA
since 1970 and as they say: